Continuous Full Immersion Cooking / Chilling System


Continuous Full Immersion Cooking / Chilling System


Camatix™ fully continuous Sous Vide in-package pasteurization or cooking allows processors to produce best quality meals for consumers who demand clean label products. In package thermal pasteurization has become the most reliable and cost effective method for guaranteeing safe RTE products with little or no antimicrobial ingredients to stabilize pathogenic bacteria.

The Camatix™ system is a fully continuous full immersion thermal processing system combining:

  • A continuous carousel product handling
    system with automated, multi-level loading
    and unloading cages, ensuring high capacity
    throughput into a reduced footprint.
  • Different successive agitated water
    processing tanks for: cooking/pasteurizing,
    and chilling are custom configured for the packaged products.
  • Synchronized with multiple packing machines,
    the Camatix™ system works continuously at a
    steady pace of 2 to 5 tons per hour. Its pass
    through design delivers a constant flow of
    superior-quality products.
  • The products are organized in the outfeed
    of the Camatix™ replicating the position
    they had in the infeed.

The Camatix™ system is ideally suited
for short thermal treatment of products such as poultry products,
thin protein products, egg based components, in-package pasteurization.

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